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Checklight Head Impact Monitor Indicate Athletes Of Severe Head Blows

The Reebok Checklight fits inside the skullcap of the wearer and has an LED light hanging right behind the neck of the player. It means that the LED is present on the edge of the sports helmet the players use today. The main purpose of the LED and the light is that whenever an athlete gets a strong blow on the head, the light indicates the intensity of the blow and if it is possible to get a head injury or not.

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Checklight Head Impact Monitor Indicate Athletes Of Severe Head Blows

With the help of triaxial accelerometer, the device measures the impacts to the head. The accelerometer also tracks the directional linear G-forces which means that how much energy hit the centre mass of your skull. Also, the gyroscope measures the direction from which the hit impacted the skill. However, it must be noted that Reebok has stated that Checklight is not designed to “indicate, prevent, diagnose or treat concussions.”

The Checklight worn inside the helmet only measures a pretty broad range of impacts. The light varies in color indicating the intensity of the hit and the coaches and the parents of the players are instantly alerted.

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Checklight Head Impact Monitor Indicate Athletes Of Severe Head Blows

The Checklight, capable of detecting dangerous blows, represented thousands of hours of research and collaboration. It is comfortable and light with a small tail that doesn’t bother the player at all. Green would always be on under normal circumstances, it would flash yellow or red should sensors detect a stronger-than-normal impact. It would only turn green again after being reset by a coach.

Checklight skull impact is important for all the players still testing various wearables to tackle with a concussion. It is available for $99.97 and can be ordered from here.

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