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Chat with Founder of VKTRY Gear, Matt Arciuolo

Startups are taking the lead in sports wearable. The aim of this series is introduce and let the CEO’s introduce their products.

VKTRY Gear Twitter Bio:

VKTRY Performance Insoles help athletes run faster and jump higher while reducing the chance of injury.

About Matt Arciuolo

Matt is a board certified pedorthist specializing in pain management and performance enhancement using custom orthotics and footwear. Matt has over 32 years of experience in professionally fitting men women and children in comfortable, supportive footwear and orthotics.


What sets VKTRY apart from other heartrate monitors and fitness wearable?

VKTRY Performance Insoles or VKs, are the only dynamic insoles in the world. It is also the only full length carbon fiber insert in the world designed to store and release energy. Originally designed for the U.S. Bobsled/Skeleton team. VKs patented technology stores energy when the heel is raised and releases it as the foot leaves the ground. All other inserts, regardless of brand or price are designed only to support or cushion the foot. VKTRY Insoles not only absorb the energy that an athlete generates but gives it back, to move the athlete in whichever direction they choose. All sports rely on an efficient and sure interaction with the ground. The more stable the foot is against the ground, the more ground force can be generated. It is this increased ground force that help athletes run faster and jump higher with less risk of injury.

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What is the best aspect of the VKTRY Insoles?

Simplicity. It is usually the simplest products that can be the most groundbreaking. VKTRY Insoles are made of aerospace grade carbon fiber, weigh less than 30 grams and are less than 1mm thick. They simply replace the standard insole that comes with any athletic footwear. One of the most common questions that we hear from athletes is “why didn’t someone think of this sooner?” VKs are available in 5 different flexes or Pro Levels so that they can be fine- tuned to an athlete depending on sport, weight and shoe size. For example, a 350 lb. athlete with a size 15 shoe will need a stiffer insert than say, a 90 lb. marathoner. VKs are not a “one size fits all” product. Our proprietary algorithm determines the exact Pro Level for optimum performance.

How do VKTRY insoles help motivate athletes?

Athletes are always looking for that edge…something that will put them over the top, whether that be footwear, clothing or equipment. We consider VKs to be athletic gear, as indispensable as a baseball bat, football helmet or racquet. We see it to be something that an athlete wouldn’t think of competing without. VKs store and release the energy that an athlete produces…it produces no energy of its own. VKs do not “do the work” for an athlete or “take over” for any particular muscle group. They only focus and direct energy back into the ground for explosive starts, rock-solid lateral stability and efficient deceleration.

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How do you see innovations changing the future of the fitness industry?

Today’s athletes are elite specimens. We have trained them to produce maximum force, amazing acceleration and energy efficiency. As our athletes improve, so must their equipment. Imagine Roger Federer playing with a wood racquet or Usain bolt running in Converse all stars. Sure, they would still be amazing but it is the technology behind the equipment that allows the athlete to achieve their full potential. By focusing the force that an athlete generates VKs do just that…allow athletes to be the best that they can be.

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