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Chase Field Virtual Reality, allowing fans to engage in several Major-League experiences

Have you ever wanted to to try to field a big league ground ball without worrying about disappointing fans if you make a mistake? A Chase Field Virtual Reality is here to exhibit what you wanted.

The experience of this Chase Field Virtual Reality will blow away the fans, putting them in a position of fielding a ground ball as well as catching a fly ball. This experience would be an amazing one. The exhibit will also show behind the scenes views that MLB players get in their line of work, routinely. Fans who will surround the exhibit will get to watch content on television displays, cheering for the person taking their turn.

Diamondbacks has been the first for professional sport entertainment franchises but it has legitimately became the first MLB team to offer fans with such a mind blowing experience of Chase Field Virtual Reality. This is also an expansion of the partnership between the Cox Communications and the Diamondbacks. Cox has already been the presented sponsor of the fan express bus, a prize offered for fans who register at Cox locations. Cox is also the sponsor of Paul Goldschmidt bobblehead give away this season and it had an exhibit that demonstrated its gigabit service to fans at Diamondbacks games.

This is not the only Virtual Reality exhibit is sports. The College Football Hall of Fame has integrated virtual reality and the Minnesota Wild put fans between the pipes this previous season. Diamondbacks are now trying their level best to draw attention of fans towards Chase Field Virtual Reality after locking in litigation for a new stadium. Whether new technology experiences like this can give the team the drawing power they seek remains to be seen, but it would still be extremely difficult to find anything more advanced technologically.

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