Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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CES2020: Virtual Reality, 5G, Wearables, Space Travel and More

Consumer Electronic Show continues to pave the way for new and innovative technology as it enters seventh decade of its existence. Technology has come a long way since the first ever CES which was held back in 1967 as today’s technology focuses a lot on being more portable, smart, compact and out of sight.

CES2020 was held in Las Vegas as it hosted well over 4,500 tech companies. These companies showcased innovative new technologies over a space of 270 thousand square meters. This space is only expected to grow as the time passes due to the continuous development in technology.

Here is the list of innovations we can expect to see over the years to come in Vegas’s very own Consumer Electronics Show.

Travel will be one of the major emphasis of upcoming CES as travel industry develops rapidly. A keynote will be delivered by the Chief Executive Officer of Delta Airlines at CES2020 and a product launch is very much on the charts in it. Hotels can get even smarter with inclusion of face scanners, 5G cellular networks and wellbeing smart safety precautions.

Face recognition technology has seen its fair share of controversy but since it’s endorsement by Homeland security at the airports, it has seen boost in its development. This technology is also expected to be a major part of smart city projects.

5G technology is going through its commercial trials and testing phase around the world. 5G will prove to be very helpful in enterprise. Stadiums, smart cities, hospitals and other medical facilities, schools and universities will benefit heavily from it. 5G will integrate multiple systems and setups to lead into a future of better automation and faster growth. With all these developments, self-driving cars have become a reality. Undoubtedly, this technology has not reached everyone out there yet but the future holds a lot of promise for it.

Televisions have not yet reached the peak of their development as we keep seeing new innovation in them with every passing year. LG is expected to launch its roll-up Television which features a hidden screen.

This new decade is expected to keep on featuring development in these general and specific fields of technology. We have come a long way in the last decade and the development is expected to be exponential during this upcoming one.

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