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CES 2020: What to Expect From Biggest Annual Tech Show

The planet’s biggest tech event is only few days away and the countdown has started as many consumers and tech experts are all ready witness another year of innovation and development in technology. Las Vegas, Nevada will host this mega event just as it does every year. A lot is expected from the event, as ever year it bring us new and innovative technology and this year will be no different.

First ever CES (Consumers Electronics Show) was held in Las Vegas, Nevada back in 1967 and it is being held annually. In following half a decade, CES has introduced the world to many amazing and innovative electronic products which have helped in transforming lifestyles of everyone around the globe.

CES 2020 will be held for three days between between 7th of January to 10th of January, 2020. Press conferences for the event will start to take place from 4th or 5th January. More than 180,000 people will come to Las Vegas, which is known primarily for shopping and gambling, to be a part of this huge event.

More than 4500 companies will exhibit their products in this year’s CES. These wide range of companies will include everyone from developers, suppliers and manufacturers of all kinds of everyday consumer technology content and hardware.  Over 1000 speakers will accompany a conference program as well. The entire show will take place in a 2.75 million square feet convention.

Everything from wireless charging and self-driving cars to robotics, drones and artificial intelligence is expected to be unveiled in this mega event. In short, if there is anything in your imagination there is some high probability that someone in CES has already worked on it.

A number of tech giants will be there, including Apple, FitBit, Garmin, Fossil, Xiaomi to name a few. Although Apple will not be launching any new hardware because that’s something for its own shows.

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