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Catapult Sports Announces Its Baseball Analytics Product

Catapult Sports is a sports wearable, data and analytics company. It announced the launch of its new high tech product this Monday. Catapult Sports is all set to introduce its Baseball Analytics Product which will be powered through its marquee wearable device OptimEye S5. This innovative system will reduce the risks of player injuries, measure their readiness for competitions and will enhance the performance of their game.

Catapult’s OptimEye range was initially developed in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sport. It is being utilized by countless sports for fitness, tactical, rehabilitation and technical analysis. OptimEye S5 is among the most used performance monitor in elite sports. 1100+ professional teams integrate this device to track the performance of their players. It has been modified to be utilized as baseball performance analytic system. It has sensors to quantify all movements of the hitters and the pitchers; it helps them perform more precisely. Its performance analytics include swing count, pitch count and pitch load to help the trainers analyze the intensity of each throwing or practice session.

According to Catapult North American President, Brian Kopp, “The launch of our baseball analytics platform and services highlights our commitment to being the best data analytics and device partner for professional sports leagues and teams around the world. This is one of those exciting moments when we’re able to bring a completely new opportunity to the market.”

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