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Catapult and Fédération Française de Football Pen Down a Technology deal


France Football, the winners of 2018 FIFA World Cup, have signed a deal with Catapult spanning over multiple years and several dozen tracking devices for French athletes.

According to the deal, teams that come under the care of French Football Federation will use the products from Catapult. These teams include the usual national teams of men and women as well as the several age-group and reserve teams.

“We’re very excited to be working with the FFF and look forward to supporting their sports science and performance initiatives over the coming years,” said Catapult’s CEO, Joe Powell. “The FFF are an organization that continually demonstrate an impressive commitment to performance innovation, something that has been further underlined by the success of their teams on the field.” He added.

Sports and fitness wearables are expanding rapidly, creating a market of their own. With passing time, more and more professional teams are conceding this fact and turning towards giants in the industry to strike a deal which can help their athletes to grow as a team. France Football is one big example of this change with French footballers using Catapult’s products both during and in the warm ups of the World Cup.

French Football has twelve academies located all over France which help in bringing up and polishing the talent of next generation.

“We are delighted to be able to work with Catapult as a member of the FFF Performance Centre,” said Pauline Gamerre

“Catapult’s experience and the effectiveness of their solutions make them a leader in their field and we are looking forward to working together to put the best technologies and cutting-edge sports science at the heart of the Performance Centre.” she added.

Pauline Gamerre is FFF’s Director of Business Development.

Catapult has a lot of varying models based on the needs of everyone. OptimEye X4, S5 and G5 are some of the device to name a few. All these products help the athlete both in training and during play with both in technique and in fitness.