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Introducing Carv, A real-time ski wearable

carv-sensorCarv is a new sports wearable designed for skiing. As many other wearable devices appearing in the market, Carv also promises that the wearable goes beyond monitoring and measuring the movement by providing coaching and guidance step by step via an earphones. It is suitable for amateurs and professional skiers.

Carv measures metrics like weight distribution and help uncover fundamental issues with back chair, uphill body, inside ski weight, bad body position to help users spot common mistakes such as leaning too heavily on a turn. This would in turn help athletes reduce injuries and perform better.

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According to the company, these advance metrics are possible because there are two elements to this wearable First, is what you attach to the ski boot and second is an insert that you place inside the boot.


Furthermore, the Carv team have built their own unique pressure and motion sensing system that can seen in this gif:


Jamie Grant, the founder of Carv has a PhD from Imperial college, London. He along with the team have analysed data from skiers all around the world for the last three years, including current ski cross champion Filip Flisar.

“Carv brings a new perspective to skiing. The pressure sensors allow you to see exactly what’s going on, and along with the mobile app it’s a great combination – it really works!”
Ski Cross World Champion Filip Flisar

There are several modes includes free-style, structured lessons for beginners and amateurs and high-detailed analysis for professional athletes which automatically synchronizes video footage, allowing instructors and coaches to scrutinize the video alongside the overlaid data.

The real-time data to help skiers is available real-time on the screen, via the earphone or via the heads-up display.

The product will be available during 2016 peak and can be ordered through their Kickstarter campaign. For more details, you can visit them their website.

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