Sunday, February 25, 2024

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Cardiogram Now Gets Along With Fitness Devices by FitBit

All wrist bands and Smartwatches by FitBit equipped with optical heartbeat sensor will have a support for Cardiogram app on smartphones across both Android and iOS operating systems this week onwards. These devices include the Inspire series, the Versa series, Charge 3 and a lot more.

Cardiogram is a health tracking mobile application  widely used across both platforms, iOS and Android alike. Cardiogram helps more than a million of its users in getting a better and closer look into their health and fitness. This app collects data from wearables and runs it through algorithms developed in it to give you finer feedback.

Brandon Ballinger is the CFO and Chief Executive Officer of Cardiogram. He explained how this move by Cardiogram is based on the requests of the users and how eager they were to have this partnership. It was apparent that this move was a long time coming from all the scenarios both brands were in.

“A brand synonymous with health and fitness, compatibility with Fitbit has been one of our top user requests, and we’re very excited to launch this partnership,” he said

“Fitbit wearables have remarkably consistent heart rate accuracy, enhanced sleep tracking, and extended battery life, all of which improve a user’s experience with Cardiogram as well.” He added.

To connect your FitBit wearable with your Cardiogram app, you have to update the app first and the sign in again. A list of options will appear which will let you choose between FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin, Wear OS or any other device. Another way of connecting the two is by opening the profile side bar and selecting the “Link Your Wearables” option and following the steps. After connecting with FitBit device by entering the sign in details, wait for a few minutes for the app and the device to sync. There onwards, Cardiogram will sync data automatically each time the FitBit app is opened.

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