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Cannes Lions Festival 2016: Wearable Tech Becomes The Highlight Of The Show!

Cannes Lions Festival 2016: Wearable Tech Becomes The Highlight Of The Show!

Cannes Film Festival needs no introduction, millions of people flock from around the world to attend and to appreciate the talent scattered across the globe. Similarly, Cannes Lions Festival is a similar nature event scheduled for 8 days in the South of France, with the purpose to flourish the most creative minds of the world. No matter which field you excel in, this event is the right place to showcase your talent!

This year, however, the show was weighted by the presence of the most deafening and roaring wearable tech with tons of advantages from different companies. Prizes were also distributed to the most acclaimed and the most impressive tech showcased in the show.

Google and Levi’s connected denim jacket, Project Jacquard, was the most acclaimed piece of the Cannes Lions festival. The jacket won the Grand Prix for innovation. Other tough competitors shortlisted for the award were Labs’ Here Active Listening Earbuds and the Dot Braille Smartwatch.

Coming to what this Project Jacquard has to offer us, the smart jean jacket will allow users to control their mobile experience and connect to a variety of services, such as music or maps, directly from the jacket sleeve. The wearable is expected to mass roll out by spring 2017 with a limited beta version being introduced in Fall 2016.

On the other hand, Doppler Labs fall short of few points to get that Great Grand Prix but it managed to grab the Product Design Lion award for the wireless earbuds. The earbuds will allow wearers to filter out the sounds they hear on a daily basis.

The Dot Braille smartwatch developed by Korean startup Dot also got the Product Design Lion award for advanced communication. The wearable is aimed at the visually impaired users. It has four sets of six dots, which raise to produce four braille characters at a time to make it easier to interact with others.

How Well VR Fared In The Cannes Lions Festival?

Without any doubt, VR was the superhero and the most acclaimed tech of the festival. There were different series of demos and different shots which were appreciated in the Digital Craft Lions category.

Help, a special live action film made for mobile and presented through a collaboration that included Google’s ATAP special projects group won a Gold Lion award. In the similar VR category, the much acclaimed and surprising, The Martian VR Experience, picked up a Silver Lion in the same VR category.

The similar Digital Craft Lions category also appreciated Samsung Brainband. Brainband is a wearable that wants to tackle concussions in sports.

These names are just not it; we do have a long list with respect to different categories. You can check out the list of detailed winners on the Cannes Lions website. However, this has been made clear that in no way wearable tech is leaving itself behind in competitions and festivals. Long way to go!

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