Camile: A Camera With GPS gives life to your Cycling


Indiegogo has once again come up with a piece of tech that is really going to revolutionize the way we see technology and its implementation. The project goes with the name of Camile which is a camera with GPS; based on cycling.

Camile is not an ordinary, GPS inserted camera. Rather, it records the data of the rides and logs the activities of the cyclists. If you are relating it with the cameras we use nowadays or are thinking about inconveniency handling the camera while on cycle, we have good news for you. Camile is a tiny camera with a simple handlebar mount for an easy use on a bike.

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Camile: A Camera With GPS gives life to your Cycling
Structure Of Camile

The camera has the abilities of capturing still photos and videos with a lens as wide as 140º. It is capable of recording in 1080pHD at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. The footages and the pictures captured by the camera will be available to preview, download or stream within seconds after being captured through a Mobile.

The purpose of Camile is to help users with Time Plans and Distance Plans of their ride. Cyclists can set their goal and they will be alerted as soon as they reach their target. Camile is quite user-friendly instead of pushing you to achieve your goals, it motivate you to complete your task of the day. Different training plans and alerts are the subtle and amicable reminder of your daily progress and motivations.

Camile: A Camera With GPS gives life to your Cycling
The super-amazing functions of Camile

Camile stores all the data including altitude, GPS positioning and speed on a SD card. The SD card with the help of cloud will sync on your phone. Moreover, the WiFi connectivity also enables you to see live cycling data. There is an additional “Smart Edit” feature for those who want to share their cycling milestones with the world. The feature enables them to trim, crop and edit the video within seconds.

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The best part of this GPS camera is that it has a large battery of 1250mAh. The battery is sufficient for shooting 3 hours straight with GPS and 16 hours without GPS. The battery is one of those points due to which cyclists would be overjoyed while using Camile.

Camile: A Camera With GPS gives life to your Cycling

Camile has an interesting market future and will have a large consumer base. We can already detect a potential pool of customers waiting for the product launch. Camile will be available in five different colors with a plain handlebar mount.

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Camile will be retailed at $149 but you can save yourself $60 if you wish to crowdfund it. The device has already gained $5,041USD out of a flexible goal of $20,000 for its product manufacturing and distribution. With 37 current backers, more and more backers are fast coming. 41 days are still pending for its Indiegogo campaign. So, if you are a cyclist and are interested back it fast for amazing package and discount.


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