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CALM., The ECG Monitor With Notable Innovations

Though the sports wearable industry is somewhat saturated with ECG monitors, but if a startup will bring innovation, it will always be welcomed by the industry and wearable buffs.

The much needed innovation in wearable ECG detectors has been launched by a Tokyo-based healthcare consulting firm Eagle Matrix Consulting. It will be introducing its electrocardiogram wearable, CALM., in the markets of Japan, the U.S., and Canada this July.

CALM ECG wearable has been developed such that it will facilitate athletes during all activities; from endurance to everyday sports to yoga to sleep. CALM monitors the cardiovascular performance and heart’s electrical activity levels. It detects irregular heart rhythms through analysis of heart rate variability. With detailed monitoring of cardiovascular metrics, CALM can detect irregularities and danger signs in real time for athletes to understand if they are enduring a little too much.

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This is exactly the story behind the birth of CALM. According to Eagle Matrix CEO Yoshito Date, “Last year a friend of mine had a heart attack during a triathlon event, and it was a wake-up call for us. This incident motivated me to develop something that can give serious athletes an easy to use tool to analyze their body condition.”

Date said, “For those who want to push their physical and mental abilities to the limits while knowing when to take it easy and recover, CALM. is a true gift. However, CALM. should not be used as a tool for medical diagnosis.

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CALM comes with a chest strap to be worn just at the bottom of the heart during exercises. It also has adhesive gel strips to place it directly on the skin for activities such as yoga and sleeping.

The ECG monitoring device can also track, analyze and provide real time stats for sleep efficiency, breaths, recovery, focus, stress and relaxation. Hence, CALM. comes with a dual mechanism of monitoring the function of both hearts and lungs. Both these parameters combine to form human autonomic nervous system. Hence, Eagle Matrix developed what you can call “CALMness” metric.

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CALM weighs almost half an ounce and has a battery life of 3 day. It is connected to its smartphone app through Bluetooth. The app is compatible to both iOS and Android.

CALM is up on Indiegogo for crowdfunding and will be available for $120. Shipping is scheduled from August onward.

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