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Broadcasting data from Wearables

Wearable is helping players and teams with knowledge they never had such as performance throughout the game which is helping team with tactics however, we believes that there is lot more to happen in the field of sports technology.

One of these new things that we expect from the wearable are the capability to live stream data across to television channels. This would allow consumers to enjoy replays from various different angles such as:

  • In Football or Hockey, a replay from goal-keeper view or a goal scorer view using a head-band camera.
  • In Cricket, replays from batsmen helmet will add a new dimension to how the bowler balls.
  • In Baseball, replay from the pitcher and batter.
  • In Tennis, replay from camera on players head-band.

The second idea that comes to our mind is the ability to provide player statistics on screen along with score. Statistics such as stress level, speed of the player could bring the viewers on the screen very close to the game emotionally specially When watching on a 3D TV screen.

Having shared these ideas, we do wonder the legal implications of it based on our previous blog post three days later (link here). Whoever takes the ownership of the player statistics can earn millions if channels show interest in sharing the statistics on TV screens.

Anyway, we wait and see if these ideas will be taken on board and implemented but one thing is clear, these kind of ideas have already stated appearing and perhaps, year 2016 will see a much broader use of it.

Ali Yaqoobhttps://www.sportswearable.net
Passionate about transforming data into science!

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