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Brizicam lets Attendees control Stadium Cameras on their Smartphones


Brizi is a Toronto based company. It has recently launched a product which is named as Brizicam. Brizicam is basically a robotic in-arena or stadium camera that fans can control via their smartphones.

Attendees could enter their section number and their seat number through a dedicated URL and could instruct one of various cameras placed throughout  the entire venue in order to focus on their location. By doing this, attendees will have a live feed of themselves on their phone and will also have 30 seconds to control the camera functions which includes zooming and panning before they take pictures.

Brizicam also provides sports teams and venues with a solution to which sponsor is able to apply a graphic overlay to photos shared by fans from the game being played. For instance, official timekeeper Citizen was among sponsors of Brizicam during the US Open tennis championship. Moreover, all photos were captured from the camera during Citizen’s one day sponsorship. Those pictures were then framed by the outline of a watch featuring brand. During that event, attendees shared almost 7500 pictures and they were also urged to upload their pictures on social media with the promise of an ultra high resolution picture. Uploading of pictures give Brizi information about demographics which are engaged with the camera and also about social media purchase preferences.

Brizi is only two and a half years old and its first partnership was with the Ottawa Redblacks who invited fans to use the Brizicam to capture photos during the team’s final home game in November. At this event, cameras were accessed almost 4,400 times in three hours, with 842 pictures which were captured by fans.

Co-founder of Brizi said that they have great deal of data and they can reach hundreds or even thousands of our followers or friends. That is where the real magic happens.