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BowFlex Smart Dumbbells Want To Help You In Weightlifting

BowFlex Smart Dumbbells Want To Help You In Weightlifting

BowFlex announced its ST560 Smart Dumbbells quite a long time ago. Most of the people were really interested in buying this product, but the hype died down due to lazy production. Now the device has finally started to ship.

BowFlex Smart Dumbbells may have some purpose but they are really irritating to use in the summers. They are real large and bulky. But the major factor is that the users aren’t adjusted with this type of dumbbells and they get uncomfortable while lifting less weight on such a massive structure. The weight lies between five to 60 pounds. The weight is displayed as both kg and pounds.

BowFlex Smart Dumbbells Want To Help You In Weightlifting

You will have to work out with the help of these dumbbells and are the reps monitors will be shown with the help of 3DT mobile app. The BowFlex Smart Dumbbells tracks all the activities that take place within a 10-foot range. If you turn the flip mode on, the system will start tracking your calories burned, reps, time and total pounds lifted etc. It also lets you know when you should rest in between the exercises and weightlifting session.

The sensors present inside the dumbbells track all the data and keep a record of all the activities. According to different experts and critics, the sensors are more accurate than the majority of the wrist-based wearables and trackers available today.

BowFlex Smart Dumbbells Want To Help You In Weightlifting

Coming to the Smartphone app, it has six-week strength training plan which leaves you active and fit in the end. You can customize your own plans too. There are different exercises to help you train too. There’s also a Journal option that archives workouts and a slew of different instructional videos to show you how to lift right.

The BowFlex Smart Dumbbells costs $499 with an additional $100 for the weight rack to stash a mobile device. The price is way too much and doesn’t seem beneficial to pay when the device is so mediocre.

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