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BotBoxer – Your Smart Personal Boxing Partner

Boxing is an old, fairly conventional, sports. Personally, I never thought it would see a “smart” revolution but SkyTechSports have proved me wrong by announcing the launch of a high tech punching bag. This just shows that boxing is not immune to technological advancements.

The wearables industry has shown us that high-tech wearables are the future of how we train. It was natural for the industry to use the same technology for the prestigious art of boxing.

BotBoxer comes with a highspeed vision and motion recognition that allows it to recognize and dodge your punches, just like a real life opponent would do. Its three motor drive allows it to imitate an actual opponent, providing you the perfect opportunity to train in a highly real-life like simulation. The only difference is that the bag doesn’t punch back!

BotBoxer allows you complete freedom to customize your drill by offering various categories of fighting skills from beginner to pro. The sensors inside the bag also analyzes every punch’s force, velocity and direction, giving you a blow-by-blow statistics, that is uploaded and stored on Cloud.

According to Alex Golumov, BotBoxer’s project leader,“It’s time for gyms to up their game, and BotBoxer is the solution. More than a cutting-edge training machine, BotBoxer is a new-era approach to fitness. No other equipment can assess the speed and power of a boxer’s punch at the same time, and it’s the first gym machine to include upper-body cardio, not just power training.”

Unless you are planning to become the next Muhammad Ali, this amazing BotBoxer comes with a hefty price. Set to be delivered in Fall this year, the amazing bot costs around $19,900. Keep a lookout for it in your nearest gyms.


Laraib Zafar
A final year med student, tripping on tea, trying to figure out how to adult.

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