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The Borofone BE10 Wireless Earphones

Out of a wide variety of earphones out there in the market today, the Borofone 2-in-1 wireless earphones does something unique which makes it so special; it cuts the cord! But, there’s more.

Over the past few years, wireless earphones have replaced the conventional ones with companies like Apple and Motorola getting rid of the headphone jack. And they’ve gained popularity. What makes the Borofone wireless earphones stand out is that it can connect with two devices at one time. It can be connected to any device that can receive or make a call.

Other features that make the Borofone wireless earphones a revolutionary are:

A wireless v4.1 chip that does not let you complain of bad sound quality as is the case with many wireless earphones as the chip transmits sounds of any frequency remarkably well.

A slim, light and elegant metal body with in-ear headphone design with soft ear-tips, that make it easy on the ears and perfect for long time wearing.

Moreover, it is sweat and water proof which makes it an amazing companion during your run, time at the gym and at sports, to put up with all the abuse they might face there, which usually ends up ruining your regular earphones.

A 10mm diameter speaker that transmits sound in high quality.

The earphones having a 50mAH battery have a long battery time, requiring a mere 2 hours of charging and delivering 4 hours of music and 4 hours of non-stop calls. The connected device can show the remaining battery percentage.

Having its most unique feature, being 2-in-1 that is, the Borofone wireless earphones can be used in its second form; as a Bluetooth device making it an elegant companion for those of you who have to attend calls all the time and have to multitask, such as during work or even having lunch.

All in all, this unique set of 2-in-1, wireless earphones amazes you with its wonderful features, proving how incredible an accessory it is in our everyday, overworked, busy lives.

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