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BodiMetrics Performance Monitor Collects Vitals For Athletes And All…

With the fast flowing tech and the production of dazzling, new wearable every day, we all love to collect and analyze your health data. You can now easily see the health changes taking place inside your body along with different compatible recommended exercise programs and proper eating habits. In this race, the devices like the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor ensure a promising future.

BodiMetrics Performance Monitor Collects Vitals For Athletes And All...

The BodiMetrics Performance Monitor collects your temperature, ECG, blood oxygenation levels, and systolic blood pressure (the top number of your blood pressure, e.g. 110/70: systolic bp = 110). Apart from collecting these statistics, the monitor also tells you about your medications and alerts you when needed. The device even works as a pedometer.

When you hold the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor to your heart level and place your hand and finger on the sensors of the monitor, the device will display all the information within a minute. In order to collect the body temperature, the top edge of the device is placed on your temple and is moved across your forehead. The temperature is reordered within three seconds. For the Oxygen Saturation, put one finger into the top sensor and see how much oxygen your blood is circulating. Similarly, Heart Rate Variability, Blood Pressure, Steps and Rate Pressure Product are also recorded.

BodiMetrics Performance Monitor Collects Vitals For Athletes And All...

All the recorded information will be transferred to Android or iOS device with the help of Bluetooth. The BodiMetrics Performance Monitor can be used in all types of sports, by athletes, elite athletes, during sports like swimming, running, weightlifting, and gyming etc.

You can order the Bodymetrics Performance Monitor now for $249 from the official website.

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