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Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Bose QuietComfort 45 Comes With Noise Cancelling Feature

The new Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Bose QuietComfort 45 are out and about, glad tidings for the audio-lovers out there! Not only are they chic and elegant-looking, but also, they come equipped with the finest design and features that none can match. It seems it might be time to say goodbye to Sony.


  • Comes with Active Noise Cancellation feature
  • Very comfortable fit
  • lightweight and flexible
  • the perfect balance of sound, comfort and quiet
  • provides high-fidelity audio
  • up to 24 hours of battery life
  • perfect sculpted audio with crisp highs and rich bass

bluetooth wireless noise cancelling headphones, wireless bluetooth noise cancelling headphones

  • Noise-cancelling wireless headphones – the best feature perhaps that make it matchable to all the latest headphones in the market. With tiny mics embedded in the design, the user can measure, compare and react to outside noise if need be. That enables to create a perfect combination of sound, peacefulness and comfort.
  • High-fidelity audio – With a design based on the TriPort acoustic architecture, this set of headphones can offer audio sound in completion and consistency. Also with its Volume-optimized Active EQ, it can maintain a balanced performance at any volume with consistent bass and strings. 

bose quietcomfort 45


  • Quiet & Aware Modes – With two different modes to choose from, the Quiet Mode enables complete noise cancellation whereas the Aware Mode lets you hear the surroundings as well as the music simultaneously. 


  • Over-ear headphones – With a comfortable snug they just settle on the ear with an appeasing comfort. You can wear them all day long without getting fed up, since they are crafted with fine plush synthetic leather and impact-resistant nylon. They are soft and comfortable and also really very durable. 


  • Up to 24 hours battery life – These headphones can perform continuously for 24 straight hours with a full charge. If you are in a rush, charge for 15 minutes only and then you can enjoy 3 hours long usage.

bose quietcomfort 45 set


  • Bluetooth wireless headphones – You can connect these headphones via Bluetooth within around 30 feet of the paired device.


  • Bose Music app – You can use a corresponding Bose Music App alongside these headphones. The app will guide you to completely set up the device and also adjust settings for noise cancellation, BlueTooth connectivity, and so on.


Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Bose QuietComfort 45 have been launched in September this year and they are available for preorder at the official website of Bose. Priced at around $319.99, they are quite expensive. But with the features and sound quality they promise, they seem to be a rather welcoming set of headphones in today’s world of zoom meetings and online classes.


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