Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Blood Pressure Monitoring Smartwatch – The Huawei Watch D can change the game for Hypertension!

Finally, a Blood Pressure Monitoring Smartwatch – The Huawei Watch D is to appear very soon in the market. That’s definitely superb news for all those who use a smart gadget to keep track of their health. Even the new Apple Watch 7 doesn’t monitor blood pressure, but this new Huawei’s Watch D has the capability to monitor and track the change in blood pressure of the user.

Coming up soon, by tech giant Huawei is this new smartwatch that can accurately measure blood pressure. Included in it are an “arterial blood pressure monitoring apparatus” and “blood pressure monitors”.
Definitely, a severe blow to Apple’s new device and also to Samsung’s smartwatches which do offer a form of blood pressure monitoring but to a limited extent. In fact, it uses a single optical sensor to track heart rate as well as blood pressure, hence results are not so accurate. Apple has to achieve this target, but Huawei leads the way for now. Its new smartwatch will come with specific hardware to support this blood pressure monitoring feature. That will eventually provide better and accurate results.
huawei watch d blood pressure watch
Increased blood pressure, or hypertension as it’s called, can result in stroke, heart disease, or even heart failure. A patient who has high blood pressure has to keep monitoring their BP levels at regular intervals. And it is obviously inconvenient to carry a blood pressure monitor with you wherever you go. And the wrist inflation cuff is really uncomfortable and feels weird.
However, a Blood Pressure Monitoring Smartwatch on the wrist is much easier and convenient to use. Not mentioning the numerous other fitness and health features that can also be availed apart from the blood monitoring feature.

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