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Blood Oxygen sensor updated on Huawei Watch GT2 with a software Update

Huawei has finally activated the blood oxygen sensor for its Huawei Watch GT2 which was launched back in last year. This was made possible through a software update and users have been waiting for this update for a long time. Both Huawei Watch GT2 and Huawei Watch GT2E have the ability to monitor the level of blood oxygen.

Huawei Watch GT2e was unveiled alongside Huawei P40 flagship smartphones near the conclusion of March this year. The specifications of this smartwatch are nearly identical to that of Huawi Watch GT2 which was launched back in October of 2019. The only thing that sets these two apart is the sportier appearance of Huawei Watch GT2e. At the time of its launch, Huawi Watch GT2e had blood oxygen tracing functionality but Huawei Watch GT2 did not. That, however, has changed now.

SpO2 feature has been made available in Huawei Watch GT2 as well with a firmware update. This development confirms that the watch was already equipped with necessary hardware for this feature. SpO2 technology is the technology used to measure theĀ  level of oxygen saturation in blood with the help of an optical sensor. Normally the figure must be in 90% and above for healthy people and anything below 90% can be a sign of troubles.

Version 1.06.26 of software update spans 18.37MB of space. To update to it, all you need to do is to launch Huawei Health application while your smartwatch is connected to a smartphone. From there, you just have to follow this path Devices > Huawei Watch GT2 > Firmware update and follow instructions for installation. Make sure that the battery level of your smartwatch is more than 20% at least before you start updating its firmware. Other than that, this update just includes some minor bug fixes and not any other major functionality.

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