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Blawesome dries your Wetsuit in just 18 minutes


Not really a wearable but a group of divers and surfers from Spain, Switzerland and the US have teamed up to develop a product that dries and deodorize your wetsuit in just 18 minutes. They have named it, Blawesome wetsuit dryer.

Blawesome is not just a dryer but a shock resistant, ultra compact design. It includes a heavy-duty neodymium magnetic hanger which sticks to any metallic surface such as car body to hold up to 28 kg of load. Furthermore, it also includes an integrated disinfected and deodorizing system to maintain freshness in the airflow resulting in a bacteria free wetsuit.

Blawesome features a foldable cylindrical design so the unit size is 5,5″ tall when folded i.e. similar to any mobile phone device. The actual dryer system is operated via a 3m long power cord adaptor for your 12v car plug thus making it small and easy to include in your trips.

The device will start shipping from December 2016 and for limited time, cost €69 or around $70 USD via KickStarter page

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