Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Blast Softball 360 – Giving detailed swing tracking for softball players

Blast Motion has announced the launched of Blast Connect softball services and Blast Softball 360. The technology integrated with the former product is the same as Official Bat Sensor Technology for the MLB, a partnership which was announced last June. Blast Motion revealed a similar partnership with National Pro Fast-pitch League.The software and hardware bring detailed swing tracking along with complete suite of analysis and coaching tools.

Kempf called this partnership a game changer for NPF athletes as now they will have an opportunity to view their performance and analyze their swings using Blast Softball 360, which will be clipped into a series of highlights and made accessible via Blast Connect cloud based services. For instance, a coach can provide voice-over analysis, can remotely review a player’s practice, assign additional drills and give markups on each swing. NPF will be the first professional franchise to allow swing metrics to be captured for all players at bat, in each game.

With softball in 2020 Olympics, Blast Motion recognized opportunity to introduce a softball focused product designed to give female athletes a competitive edge. They have worked closely with strategic partners, coaches and customers to create a solution for softball players of all skill-sets and ages. Blast Softball 360 ensures that softball players can compete on an even playing field with their baseball counterparts.

This new gadget, Blast Softball 360, uses the same technology seen in the company’s Official Bat Sensor Technology and attaches to the knob of any standard softball bat, allowing it to gather information in practice. The accompanying smartphone application crunches the raw statistics to make meaningful insights. Moreover, there is also a function of Smart Video Capture, which uses smartphone camera to deliver real time, mobile video analysis. The user can also use this function to make a series of HD video highlights as well.

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