Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Blast Motion partnered with USSSA to deliver ‘The Blast sensor’

United States Specially Sports Association (USSSA) and Blast Motion have partnered to deliver sensor-based player development and in-game swing metrics using Blast Baseball 360 and Blast Connect. The Blast sensor will provide coaches with real-time analysis of swing during practice and capture in game swing metrics. It will give access to swing history of an athlete, enabling advanced after-game feedback, comparisons and coaching analysis.

Blast Motion is defining the future of wearable motion capture technology. By combining the industry’s most complete performance improvement solution and real-time metrics analysis with auto-curated video highlights. Blast Motion has created an efficient rich user experience which enhances the way people improve their game. The Blast sensor has been included in those wonders produced by Blast Motion.

The Blast sensor has pledged to improve player performance and showcase young talent. It gives our coaches advanced swing analysis insights using sensor based data and objective. The Blast sensor and mobile app have been designed specially to combine metrics and video driven swing analysis, which allow players of all skill-sets and ages to improve their swing mechanics after understanding them. The bat attachment slip and waterproof sensor over the knob of any standard baseball allows it to be used on or off the field.

Video is captured by the smartphone camera, used by app. Blast Baseball 360 app analyzes, syncs and combines metrics with video to deliver mobile video analysis. player’s swing and clips are automatically detected buy the app to create a series of highlights.

The Blast sensor has upgraded swing metrics used by MLB to the next generation of players, while providing USSSA with powerful suite of academy management services through Blast Connect. USSSA has legitimately taken a leadership role in creating an environment that showcases and mentors some of the best baseball and softball players from all over the country.

The goal of Blast sensor is to help athletes enjoy the game, improve faster and avoid injury.


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