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Blast Motion Is A Sports Wearable Sensor With Precision


Blast motion is a fitness sports wearable or a tracker along with the quality of sports video auto-editing. It halves your workloads and provides you all the stats you need. It is a wearable motion sensor that provides the users with 3D-movement metrics for a variety of sports. Every sport has its own app along with the ability to design footage and to provide you with the best scenes collected by the sensor and the important metrics all shown in a single video.

Blast Motion Is A Sports Wearable Sensor With Precision

Blast Motion has partnered with Easton Power for Baseball.  Baseball, softball, and T-ball are all covered by this new partnership. The kit comes with a bat attachment for the knob and a precision swing sensor. Swing speed, direction, power, time-to-contact, efficiency, and more are picked up by the motion sensor. Blast motion uses replay apps and a patented Smart video capture algorithm to automatically identify actions in the HD footage. All the footages are then clipped into a complete video reel. Each app will automatically apply slow motion to scenes that warrant it and speed up scenes that don’t for dramatic effect.

The Blast Motion action kit for various sports also comes with various action cam attachments, wearable clip and the sensor along with a charging pad. The Blast Action app is also reserved for skateboarding, BMX, and motocross.

Blast Motion Is A Sports Wearable Sensor With Precision

Similarly, the kits for the Blast Basketball and Athletic Performance also come with the wearable clip with embedded sensors which collect all the information. The basketball kit collects the data for jump shots, lay-ups, and dunks. On the other hand, the Athletic Performance kit handles volleyball, gymnastics, and athleticism. The basketball and athleticism apps offer the same stats as the action app (acceleration, height, rotation, and hang time).

Blast Motion Is A Sports Wearable Sensor With Precision

Moreover, the Blast Motion also dedicates its services to the Golf game. The Blast Motion Golf kit comes with a firm grip along with an oversized putter attachment instead of a wearable clip. All the swing data is collected and putting has never been done better before. It includes total stroke time, back- and forward-stroke time, loft, lie, tempo, and rotation, speed, downswing and upswing time, tempo, power index (the mass of the club, swing speed, downswing time calculated for kinetic energy transfer), efficiency index, and blast factor.

Blast Motion’s website has dedicated a separate page to define all the metrics covered by the different sports. There are a number of different sports and other trackers available nowadays, but, Blast Motion is the only one which covers the range of sports. No sensor can catch up with this quality wearable. All five Blast Motion are available for $150 on its website.

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