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Blast Basketball Replay Analyzer Is The Best Way To Improve Basketball Strategies

Sports like Basketball need strategy and tactics to be implemented during the game in a blink of an eye. This is why when you pair a wearable along with it; you need analysis and stats to be delivered in a matter of seconds. This is what Blast Motion’s Blast Basketball Replay Analyzer promises to do. The sensor by Blast Motion has the capabilities to analyze your game to the next level.

Blast Basketball Replay Analyzer Is The Best Way To Improve Basketball Strategies

The Blast Basketball Replay Analyzer is a small device that is clipped to the waistband of the player. It connects with the help of Bluetooth and analyzes the statistics of the player. The Blast Motion replay analyzer, apart from activity tracking, is capable of accurately tracking through 3D motion sensors. It captures performance metrics and gauges all the important stats like rotation, acceleration, jump height etc in real time.

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After collecting all the important data with the help of wearable the Smart Video Capture technology allows the Blast app to create video clips, allowing you to easily locate, replay and share your action highlights. The Smart video technology by Blast Basketball Replay Analyzer identifies all your actions and clips all the videos together to create a series of video highlights which contains all your important stats and metrics like vertical height, hang-time, and rotation and jump acceleration etc.

Blast Basketball Replay Analyzer Is The Best Way To Improve Basketball Strategies

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With the help of collected data and video, players can detect their important actions by easily playing and replaying the. Users can also store movement data when the sensor is out of range. All the data will be downloaded to your Smartphone or tablet as soon as you reconnect. There is a social tab too, through which you can share your performance and can advice others’ or get the advice yourself.

You can order it now on Amazon for $149.95.

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