Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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Biostrap to Collaborate with COVID-19 onset research

Biostrap has publicly announced that it has joined hands with health and medical experts to make use of data provided by its crown jewel wearable devices to speculate the spread of Corona Virus.

Biostrap is a smart fitness band which assists its users in optimizing their sleep and revival with solid precision. This eventually improves the overall performance of its users in everyday life as good sleep is the most important part of an active lifestyle. This smart band can be purchased directly from

Biostrap is in the league of its own due to its unique feature of focusing on the recovery as opposed to most of the wearables available in market as of now. Whoop 3.0 is one of the few real rivals to Biostrap due to the similarity in data both devices are known to provide. But Whoop 3.0 costs more than Biostrap, giving Biostrap an advantage over it.

Readings provided by Biostrap on HRV data along with SpO2 and breathing rate metrics as well are extremely accurate. All these features are accurate to clinical standards. Users can see and compare how each factor is separately responsible for their day-to-day health.

Biostrap is now looking to use all this data it collects to fight the spread of COVID-19. Scientists and researchers at Tulane University and UCLA School of Medicine have linked up Biostrap to work on all the information provided by it.

The most recent versions of Android and iOS smartphone application can be downloaded to receive an invite which asks you whether you would like to be a part of this research or not. Giving out the required access and permission is only a hassle of a few seconds and at the conclusion of registration procedure, you will have to fill out a very short questionnaire. After becoming a part of this, you would be needed to fill up a survey dedicated too tracking the symptoms.

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