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Bioserenity and Dataiku join forces to fight against epilepsy through Smart clothing


Epilepsy is one thing that mankind hasn’t been able to get rid of, or control it. The patients affected by it are the ones’ who have to go through a lot of emotional and physical turmoil. Owing to this, Bioserenity has partnered with Dataiku to develop a system that will keep an eye on the epilepsy patients from the comfort of their home within no time.

Epilepsy patients continue on facing episodes of seizures and according to the study; more than 50 million people are facing this situation. What’s more is that only about the half of the mentioned number is able to receive a proper treatment and medication as most of the time, the disease go undetected.

The system by Bioserenity and Dataiku infuses EEG, EMG, and ECG sensors into Smart clothing, in order to detect epilepsy in real time. Termed as Neuronaute system, the sensors analyze all the data and with the help of cloud platform simplifies it to be to send to the Mobile app for the users’ help.

Florian Douetteau, CEO of Dataiku, in a statement said;

“The project is particularly important to us because it has enabled us to take part in the development of what could be major transformations for the healthcare industry. With Bioserenity, we’re showing that the appropriate use of data could lead to tomorrow’s ever more effective world of medicine and health.”

The information provided by system can be used by the doctors and the medical professionals for the assessment of the recovery, condition, and diagnosis of the patients; in order to track the progress and the future predictions.

The Neuronaute system has an amazing capability to rate 126 million measurements per hour adding up to about a gigabyte of data for each device. The best part about this system is that the cloud platform has the power to control about 10,000 of Neuronaute devices running simultaneously.

The system, when announced, would be a breakthrough for epilepsy patients. The wearable Smart clothes will make it easier for the patients to stay connected and unworried about their health. The Neuronate System, in the form of Smart clothes, is already being tested across various university hospitals of Europe. It is expected to be soon available for United States.

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