BioRing – The Wearable Health And Fitness Personal Trainer


Fitness and Activity Trackers are the rage of the wearable world. However, we are yet to wear one which tracks all the metrics of your body just to gauge the overall health and fitness. But a new wearable launched on Indiegogo stands true to the promises it made. The wearable we are discussing here is BioRing.

BioRing - The Wearable Health And Fitness Personal Trainer

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BioRing measures both nutrition and stress apart from the usual activity tracking metrics. The wearable gives the users a detailed breakdown of the food they are eating and instructs them to manage their weight properly. The ring has been based on three different sensors including a 3-axis accelerometer, a Bio-impedance sensor, and an optical HR sensor.

All the sensors mentioned sends the data collected to the Smartphone app. With the help of the proprietary algorithm, the app calculated carbohydrates in the body, protein intake, calories taken, fats, fat burn, heart rate, heart health, water level, stress level, sleep level, steps were taken, distance covered and activity intensity etc.

BioRing - The Wearable Health And Fitness Personal Trainer

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The list of features mentioned is vast and it is certainly the first time any wearable has introduced such specifications packed into one device. Even Fitbits and Jawbones lack this brilliance.

The sensor also measures your glucose curve which is the measure of the time glucose level stays and it takes to drop back to normal. By simply syncing BioRing with your smartphone or tablet, you’ll receive all the information you need from the highly advanced yet user-friendly app. The app will revolutionize the way you use technology to improve your life. It combines the extensive data received from the ring with a user-friendly and personal design, becoming your personal coach and delivering personalized and actionable recommendations.

BioRing - The Wearable Health And Fitness Personal Trainer

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Combined with the app, BioRing is an unprecedented tool that will help you improve your lifestyle and habits, reach your goals and be the best version of yourself.

BioRing is waterproof, scratch proof, ergonomically designed and feels comfortable towards your skin.  Its stylish design will work perfectly with any outfit. With just a month to go, the wearable has already raised $33,991 out of its $50,000 goal. At the discounted Indiegogo price, it will cost you $200. The shipment is expected to begin this November.