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BioMindR -A New Paradigm In Wearable Biosensing

BioMindR -A New Paradigm In Wearable Biosensing

BioMindR is a new solution to the biosensing tech. The device promises to revolutionize the wearable biosensing technologies. It is a complete solution to enhance the quantified-self experience.

BioMindR fixes issues that current wearables are facing by offering truly accurate and power-efficient bio-sensors. The wearable sensors enable measurement of new biosignals such as hydration. The information gathered can also be made useful by creating smart and useful data platform-based applications in fitness, weight loss management etc.

With the help of RF technology, BioMindR has developed a new generation of miniaturized bio-sensors for detecting the most relevant biosignals including Heart rate, Hydration, Glucose level. BioMindR technology doesn’t require close skin contact and is insensitive to motion, which leads to significantly improved signal accuracy.

Adaptable and light machine learning algorithms combined with collaboration from physiology and kinesiology experts empower insightful and actionable recommendations for users. BioMindR can be used to benefit and to calculate the essential data during sports, training, fitness, health and wellbeing, weight control, and proper water intake etc. We will soon be able to know about the proper amount of water we have taken throughout the course of the day and what we are lacking for the safety of our health.

BioMindR would be perfect for all sorts of wearable and tech lovers. Not only will you be able to get a proper hold on your health but the data calculated by the sensor will also help you train for sports and better fitness too. The sensor would be capable of pairing with a number of wearables and will quadruple the benefit of each. BioMindR sure opens the door to the next level of statistics gathering, health improvising, and data collecting.

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