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BioMetrix: An Evolution in Athletic Rehab

Indiegogo has been the hub of the newbie wearable activities for some time. And, we have been active too to bring those products for you. This is another product which might interest athletes and all. BioMetrix is ready to increase the positivity on your rehabilitation and training with its advanced biomechanics wearable.

BioMetrix: An Evolution in Athletic Rehab

BioMetrix is available as a sensor. Coming to the BioMX sensor, it is recommended for coaches and players to deal with injuries or potential injuries. It has the capability to inform the wearers with changes in their biomechanical indicators during rehab and PT routines. The BioMX sensor can be easily placed around your knees, heels or hips to gauge rotation, stability and the change in position etc. Moreover, coaches and other medical staff can monitor the injuries of the athletes through an easy-to-use web browser with a secure access.

Not much on the details side has been revealed yet by the company. But, we know that this wearable has a unique touch as for the first time any wearable is focusing on rehabilitation for athletes in detail. With real-time data analysis and alert to the coaches lots of potential problems can be detected, even before they become problems.

BioMetrix: An Evolution in Athletic Rehab

If you like the idea behind this wearable, you can also help to make it happen. BioMetrix is up on Indiegogo. The product has already backed $4,762USD out of its $10,000 flexible goal. 42 days have left before the funding closes. Take your time and back if you want to see this wearable happen!

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