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BetterBack Therapy Plus – The Simplest Solution To Maintain the Natural Posture

The demand of ergonomic chairs has been increasing recently – especially among the office-goers.  Instead of spending chunks to turn a chair into an ergonomic one, BetterBack has a better solution for your back!

BetterBack Therapy Plus is an example that even in today’s ultra-technical era, sometimes the most effective solution is no gadget but your old friend Physics! BetterBack Therapy Plus is a simple strap-based contrivance that acts as a harness to keep your posture proper and lessen any backache.

BetterBack Therapy Plus let you spend long hours sitting in a chair and that too in just the perfect posture!

Additional features pain relief, healing and muscle relaxation through heat packs and ice packs.

BetterBack Therapy Plus is twice as huge as the previous original one. It cater the consumers who needed broad support for sitting all day long and for plus sized folks.

Product Highlights:

  • Spend long hours siting in the perfect posture — BetterBack Therapy Plus focuses on stabilizing the lower back, the lumbar spine and most importantly the pelvis. It reestablishing the natural posture.
  • Relieve back pain — The contraption has built in thermoregulation. The hot/cold packs are removable; adjust the temp and relieve any pain or muscular tautness in the back
  • Needs to be worn for a minimum of 15 minutes daily
  • Compact, portable and fits easily in a bag

Update from BetterBack Therapy

  • Pocket for hot/cold packs
  • Adjustable and can fit people up to a waist of 55 inches
  • Extra comfort with foam padding
  • Padded shapely corners to help in body contouring
  • Outer cover is water-resistant
  • Knee pads are slip-resistant
  • Custom webbing

How does it work?

Unzip BetterBack from its portable case. Whenever you sit down, drape the back pad around your back and knee pad around your knee to make a harness. Adjust the leg straps to support your back. Sit and work comfortably for as long as you wish to.

For heating or icing your lower back, put the therapy pack in the pocket, adjust the temp and let BetterBack Therapy Plus work its magic.

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