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Better Version of Wi-Fi is Available in The Market and it is much more difficult to hack

The newest and better versio of WiFi which is now availabale in the market is the most difficult to hack and one of the reasons why this is good news is because the previous update occurred when George W. Bush was still in the office.
Wi-Fi connections have a new securing standard, and its name is WPA3.
To put it in simple words: Data that is delivered back and forth between your smartphones, personal computers and other devices with internet connectivity will be protected strongly with these newer and more efficient Wi-Fi routers. It will enhance security and safety in workplace networks as well. And on top of that, it will also alter the behaviour of wireless in enterprise networks.
A co-operation of major tech-companies known as The Wi-Fi Alliance discusses Wi-Fi protocols and made some formal public statements about a few of its features in the earlier part of 2018. The announcement of the protocol being finalized was made on this Monday.
Wi-Fi is taken for granted easily as it is everywhere around us, in a literal sense in case we are by any chance near a Wi-Fi router. And there is a huge bulk of information and data floating in the air on these wireless connections, so securing these connections is not an easy job.
To take care of Wi-Fi user’s online security and safety in a better way, it will be much more difficult to execute any common attack of hacking on personal Wi-Fi networks over this protocol. It is known as the offline dictionary-based attack, and it enables the hackers to attempt an infinite number of guesses on your Wi-FI password. This often depends on any software which attempts combinations of alphabets, words and characters to hack into accounts.
WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 3) is now available on all new Wi-Fi Alliance certified wireless routers and it depends solely on individual sellers to install and update the software on existing wireless routers to get the protocol.
WPA3 is replacing WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) which was introduced back in 2004 and now after almost one and a half decade later we are getting a better, more secure and dependable update.

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