1. List of Sports Wearable:

There are tons of fitness and sports wearable and trackers. Every tracker and wearable in its description states that the device is best for the players in that specific field. Doesn’t every person deserve to play their favorite sports peacefully?

Yes! Everyone does. That’s why we have made a list of some of the best wearable and trackers for different games and sports popular worldwide. Not only, do these devices will coach you, but they will also help you learn different tactics without getting any harm.

2. “Zepp” And “Game Golf” for GOLF

Golf is one of the sports which are played globally. There are many companies which have made wearables relevant to this game. But, the Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer and Game Golf have what caught our eye most.

Both of the wearables have an excellent shot trajectory tracking and an effective swing mechanics technique. Zepp, is best for those situations when you want to gauge your skills during the driving range. You will have to shot a swing and the rest is upon the app. It will tell you how powerful and impressive your swing was. Zepp can be ordered from Zepp.com at the price of £129.95.

On the other hand, Game Golf is little on the more professional side. The sensor will be tagged on the grip of your club to the part of your belt. With each shot, it will map your entire pathway around the course. It also compares your strokes and tells you which of the hit was better than the other. Game Golf is available at £159.95 from Gamegolf.com.

3. f50 Adizero And Adidas miCoach Smart Ball For FOOTBALL

The game which has been most affected by technology and wearables is Football. Not only the game has been made interested on the individual level but big leagues and world cups are being affected too.

On this front, Adidas has two very impressive products which have sheer amount of benefits for the users. The most stirring product from the company is the f50 Adizero boots. These special boots contain the Speed cell technology. After gathering the information, they send data to the miCoach training system. The system informs you about all the statistics of your game, the potential which you are not utilizing, how hard you ran etc. This wearable is available at the company’s website for £220.

The second device from the company that is enhancing the essence of football is the Smart Ball. It has pressure sensors against the inner part which will tell you how accurately are you kicking or how precisely your spins were. This wearable is the must have for all football fans. You can order it from Adidas for £160.


These two wearables are meant for all those sports which involve head functioning and gear. The most beneficial part of both the devices is to alert the coaches about any athlete who might have taken a serious blow in the head which may lead to serious problems like concussion. And, if the player keeps on with the game without any remedial measures, he can face some very series problems.

The Checklight wearable by Reebok is basically a whole cap which is charged by the USB cable and reports back all your happenings from the field through the Bluetooth. It can be bought from Reebok at the price of $150.

Jolt, on the other hand, is very small detachable clip. It, too, is charged by a USB and provides all the reports and data with the help of Bluetooth. This wearable is going to be an instant hit due to the fact that it recognizes the chances of concussion immediately through a concussion diagnostic tool in the mobile software. It can be ordered from Joltsensor at the price of $100.

5. Shark Stopper For SURFING

This wearable will quickly solve all the problems of the people who are in anyway involved with the deep water sports. Shark Stopper is highly recommended for Surfers, Ocean Swimmers and Body boarders etc.

This wearable claims that it has a special audio that can repel all the sharks. The acoustic signals are very unpleasant for the sharks but harmful in no way. The wearable will convince the sharks to stay out of the wearers’ way. It is worn around ankle or wrist.

The wearable can be ordered for $225 from SharkStopper.

6. 94Fifty For BASKETBALL

The 94Fifty is a wearable with sensors hidden inside and Bluetooth connection to Smartphone. The app will tell you about all your skills just after a single shot.

The device also tells you about the area where you needs planning the most. There also pre-defined drills and custom options. The device is in the form of a ball. It reports back the arc and the velocity spin so that you can know about the strength in which you are spinning. There are several different exercises for improving your metrics looking into speed and force.

The device can be ordered from company’s website for $249.95.

7. Sony Smart Tennis Sensor And Smash For Tennis

Both of the wearables are amazing for an average tennis player. The wearables will tell you how hard you are hitting the tennis ball, how much spin have you put into it. It will also tell you about your performance from time to time.

Smash is the best wearable tennis would have ever got. It is worn on the wrist. The mobile app accurately tells you about your statistics and overall score for the duration you played the game. You can order it from Smash wearable at £75.

The Sony version is a little pricey but it is a complete tech show off. The wearable is not as over-whelming and intriguing as the Smash. But, it is for all those who want to play sports with little of style. Order it from Sony at $200.


We do not have many wearable available nowadays for authentic Gym freaks. Every other wearable focuses on the incentive to eliminate the need of Gym, but there are many people who don’t want to leave Gym, no matter what.

In such condition, Athos is the best wearable to be owned by a normal gym lover. It is not only a wearable EMG sensor but it also has training clothes. The EMG sensors, which are woven inside the clothes, will help to detect the muscle fibres performance and how hard they are pushing to perform. The data will be then sent to app for an analysis through Bluetooth.

The company claims that this technology is based on latest medical innovation. You can order it from Athos’ website at $397.