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Best Smart Jewelry for Fashionable Ladies


Isn’t it just so impossible to compliment your formal feminine dresses with these plain-looking, dorky wearable bands?

Though the market of fitness trackers and wearables is heavily saturated with such unattractive, virile and unisex smart wristbands, some startups have been kind enough to endeavor in creating more feminine, chic and glamorous smart wristbands for us fashionable ladies out there.

Here are the most swanky and voguish smart jewelry for all the ladies:

1 1. Ringly:

Ringly is the brand known for creating the most astounding smart rings and bracelets with breathtaking gemstones studded in them. Its jewelry is intricately crafted, elegant looking, water resistant s and blends both formal as well as casual ladywear.

It pairs with smartphone apps and notify in the form of vibration and light. It tracks your steps, distance and calories burned and let you set fitness goals. It doesn’t come with a separate charger, but the uniquely designed jewelry box acts as the charger whenever you put the jewelry back in its box it starts charging.

2 2. Joule:

Joule is a universal smart earring backing for women to remain stylish and fit at the same time.  Joule was created as a fitness monitor within a tiny stud. The fitness tracker actually measures only 18mm and weighs 1.5 grams. It can be paired with all almost sorts of earrings.

Its fitness monitor tracks your activity, heart rate and calories burned throughout the day. Using Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, Joule earring backings can sync with your smartphone through its app. Its stats analysis can display real-time target heart rate zone during workout to let you burn calories, achieve fitness targets and boost performance.

3 3. ORA:

ORA is a piece smart jewelry that has taken the pledge to keep you safe. It works by sending notification to your network of contacts when you are in danger of any sort. 911 backup sets it apart from all others.

Whether it is about providing help in the event of medical emergency or safety, or just to reach out for help when your phone is not available, this device can help you live without limits. For the professionals working alone, this wearable is elegant, discrete and highly useful. Women who want to live without any fear or limits, especially when walking at night or going for a run alone, this wearable keeps them moving without hesitance.


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