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Best Ski and Snowboarding Goggles by Glade Adapt comes with Photochromic Lens

Best Ski and Snowboarding Goggles by Glade Adapt comes with Photochromic Lens. The best and classiest pair of goggles that is definitely an item to have if you are interested in winter sports this coming season!

Winter sports are rough and weather conditions during these sports remain highly unpredictable. Especially while snowboarding and skiing – precipitation may be higher than expected or the area might be clogged in of fog. So it was compulsory for skiers to have a pair of goggles that would allow them to ski in any condition. These goggles by Glade Adapt have given the best possible solution to skiers world wide. Known for their high and clear visibility and protection from UV rays, these goggles also illuminates the darkness if clouds surround you anytime.

The design and specifications of the previous model remain the same, except for a few enhanced features in this new model. The talk of the town thing here is its new Ultra Clear Anti-Fog Technology that will enable the user to see each and everything with clear vision.



The company claims to introduce special molecules called Naphthopyrans to their already claim to fame poly carbonate lenses. These reacted to light in a way that they subtly changed their molecular structure when ultraviolet rays fell upon them. This technology was implemented in these goggles – the result is 100% perfect clear vision.


Moreover, the photochromic technology feature is such that it adapts the tint to match the level of UV light hitting it. The lenses have an Anti-scratch coating besides the multiple Anti-fog coating. They are guaranteed to provide 100% UV protection to the eyes of the user. The size of the lens is bigger and overall broader than before, making visibility be across a wider area. Fitted in a highly flexible TPU frame that adjusts to the face and gives a perfect fit.

If you are on the way to search for the Best Ski and Snowboarding Goggles, then you can think about purchasing these pair of goggles by Glade Adapt. Check it out on Amazon now.



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