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The best of Intelligent Textiles in Medicine

Wearable technology is the new cool kid on the block. With all different kinds of wearable garments on the market, WearTech decided to leave their mark. They took the game one step further. They are the manufacturers of the world’s first garment electrode. They put that technology into making electrotherapy devices with the sole purpose of pain management without the use of medications.

It has been a long time goal for the company to make advancements in the field of intelligent textile use in medicine. They have put in extensive research to develop products that use your body’s own healing mechanism to treat acute and chronic injuries. By increasing your microcirculation, these products can help you with your back and leg pain. From diabetic neuropathies to Achilles tendon injury, these 3 products are a solution for all.

  1. Sport Z

Sport Z is a DC stimulator. In simple terms, it generates a pulse current that goes through your skin, deeply into the tissue bed to promote microcirculation. It also reduces edema. This makes sure that the muscles are adequately supplied with blood which in turn promotes healing. It alleviates pain by promoting muscle recovery and reducing spasms, so that the body can regain its physiological range of motion. Sports Z is the only transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) and neuromuscular electrical stimulation device that has been approved by FDA. Sports Z is held in such high regards due to the fact that it provides stimulation via a direct current in small microampere range, very closely mimicking body’s physiological system. Instead of masking pain like other TENS, the small current ensures more of a biological effect.

  1. WearTech Tights

WearTech tights are one of its kinds because it offers nocturnal therapeutic textile technology that heals injury and provides a quicker recovery course. These tights are ideal for athletes as they are more prone to injury and are likely to suffer from pain both of acute and chronic type. WearTech tights are incredibly simple to use. You wear it post exercise for several hours and later, during your sleeping hours. The nocturnal use of these pants provide added benefits as body’s normal healing mechanisms are in fully activated at night. It is also extremely therapeutic for those who have more pronounced pain at night.

The pants use two Sport Z device that generates the DC current and allows the muscle to relax by improving microcirculation in your legs. The material used to make these pants is Electro-Mesh Silver Yarn which is highly conductive and safe to use. This has also been approved by FDA, thus ensuring its safety.

  1. Other intelligent textile

The functional dynamics of WearTech, the very heart of this company is its variable DC energy. WearTech has put this technology into use in multiple ways. From conductive gloves and socks to elastic bandages, WearTech offers multiple products that may prove beneficial for patients with peripheral vascular disease and other peripheral neuropathies. The best part about these products is that they are extremely safe and comfortable. Their ergonomic design warrants a unique delivery system to maximize healing in a uniform way, all across the treatment area.

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