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Best of CES 2018: Wearables Edition

This year’s CES 2018 was literally something out of your favourite sci-fi show, with robo dogs and wall sized TV, it was a futuristic dreamland. Despite of AI pretty much ruling the event there were some exciting new announcements for wearable lovers too. We did a round up of the best CES 2018 wearable tech this year.
Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Watch out for this one because Forerunner 645 is going to become your go-to running watch. Garmin already is renowned for it is running wearables. What makes Forerunner a desirable choice for the musically inclined is that now you can upload tracks and listen to them through a Bluetooth headset. You can even stream Deezer or iHeart Radio if you are in U.S. The rest of the features are basic like GPS and heart rate monitors with top of the class fitness tracking features which always makes Garmin so special.
Casio G-shock Rangeman

Casio’s latest smartwatch is specifically designed for adventure lovers. Rangeman can be charged using solar energy to ensure that your device doesn’t run out of juice when you are out having an adventure. Casio claims that this device only needs 4 hours of sunlight that will then power an hour of GPS. This may not sound that impressive to you but for someone who is lost, it is a matter of life and death. Or so the company claims.
To give this smart watch an edge, it is both mud and cold resistant. It also has a barimeter, altimeter, compass and a thermometer. Pretty much an all in one power pack for the adventurous. The watch retails at $800 USD, so only consider buying if you are serious about the outdoorsy life.
Garmin Vivofit 4

Vivofit has been a personal favourite for a long time. What makes Vivofit so special is that it is an impressively low priced fitness tracker for a decent amount of features. Garmin says it comes with a full year of battery life, colored display that shows daily stats including weather, step count and calories burned. It doesn’t have a GPS or a heart rate monitor but it is a reasonable choice if you want to track your basic fitness stats.
Suunto 3 fitness

This might not be the best Suunto watch out there in 2018 as it does not have a fitness tracker but it does come with an adaptive fitness feature that you may find useful. It comes with an adaptive fitness feature called Adaptive Training Guidance. It sets you up with a series of sessions that prompts you to complete a workout and if you miss a session it will reschedule it for a later date. It is specially useful for people who are used to rescheduling at last minute as it saves you the hassle of rescheduling it manually.
Misfit Path

Misfit is a company that specializes in making beautiful hybrid watches and has been a longstanding favorite. Misfit Path is definitely not for the adventure lovers but it is a more subtle option for those who do not want to be embarrassed by a humongous smartwatch. It is the perfect choice for people who are too busy to switch their watches for a night out. Path is the smallest hybrid watch the company has ever created so it will look great on you if you have slimmer wrists.
Matrix Powerwatch X

We have all had those fantasies where we want devices to charge from our energy. Well this is your fantasy fulfilled. This is a watch that charges from you. It uses proprietary thermometric energy convertor that converts your body heat into body heat.
This is not the first time this technology has been used. The same company released Powerwatch last year that also used this technology but this is the first time it is being used in a smartwatch. Matrix also claims that the silicone rubber strap on the watch is “nearly indestructible”. This could be one of the most interesting device on the wearable market this year.

Laraib Zafar
A final year med student, tripping on tea, trying to figure out how to adult.

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