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Bellabeat Leaf Urban Is An Activity And Stress Tracker For Women

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Is An Activity And Stress Tracker For Women

Bellabeat has already taken a leap into the fitness world with its fitness wearables for the women. Like many other companies, it also focuses on keeping the ladies out there stress and worries free! This time Bellabeat has launched a new wearables based on the original Leaf Urban device. Launched just about a year ago, the original Leaf device has been sold about 400,000 units.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban has been launched alongside a new Smartphone application which helps women in managing stress and tracking it. The tracker keeps a check on the sleep and the activities of the women while telling them about their reproductive health. These are just the enhanced features of the previous version, but the new tracker has also announced the stress predicting feature. It analyzes different habits and tell them about their lifestyle and the basic triggers which starts the stress.

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Bellabeat co-founder and CEO Urska Srsen explained the new tracker as:

“Based on the data we collected from the first generation of Leaf, we were able to find a correlation between activity, sleep, a woman’s period and stress levels. Now we are able to predict which parameters, such as lack of sleep, will cause stress levels to be higher and give valuable health feedback to our users.”

Apart from tracking and controlling stress, the new Bellabeat Leaf Urban has also include mindfulness tracking technology. It means that the users can peek into dozens of different meditation, therapies and exercises. This will help them in shooting away the stress, unrelaxing thoughts and menstrual discomfort and PMS Etc.

Further explaining the advanced features of the Bellabeat Leaf Urban, Urska stated:

Without our dedicated vocal users we would not have been able to create our product and get it to market as quickly as we did. Our loyal fan base continually helps us create, develop and improve a useful and seamless ecosystem of wellness products that work organically within a woman’s lifestyle.”

The Leaf Urban is smaller and lighter than the original version. The stainless steel and the wood composite material of the device is water resistant and looks appealing and casual. The battery life of the wearable is about 6 months.

Can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or a clip, Bellabeat Leaf Urban is a fashionable all-day activity tracker. The pre-orders of the device will start from August. The orders will be placed on the official website. There will be two different version of the trackers, Silver which will cost you $129 and Rose Gold will set you back $149. So, if you are finding ways to manage your stress, this might be your hint! Keep an eye on the orders.

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