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Become a Wellness Warrior With KeenBrace Wearable

Real time coaching is the latest trend in the arena of sports wearable technology. Startup KeenBrace wants to join the ranks with their new invention. KeenBrace is a device developed by fitness enthusiasts for fitness enthusiasts. Its main goals is to coach you through your runs and strength training by making sure you have the correct form and posture as well as preventing injuries.

KeenBrace monitors your muscle movements via muscle mapping analysis so that you can train smarter. Depending on the type of exercise you can wear it on thighs, forearms or biceps. The real-time risk assessment helps prevent injury and enhance your performance.

It has over 15 preprogrammed exercises through which KeenBrace’s real-time voice coach guides you. This allows you to create a well-balanced and stable regime for the most effective workout.

KeenBrace has a core that has 3 electrodes at the bottom. They are placed against your skin so they read electrical impulses sent by your body during workouts. It calculates muscle activation and fatigue. This helps in muscle mapping which in turn gives you a comprehensive guide of how to improve your workouts by targeting muscle development.

KeenBrace is designed for comfort. It comes with a flexi strap. The design seamlessly blends in and allows for flexible movement during workouts.

KeenBrace is accompanied by a smartphone app that logs your workouts so you can see your progress over time. It has a battery life of 10 hours and a full charge time of 40 minutes.

KeenBrace is currently looking for backers to support its campaign on Indiegogo. Backers can get it for a whopping $59 while the eventual retail price is going to be $149. If it meets its target of $25,000, shipping can be expected in November.


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