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BATS-TOIS Hopes To Make Wrestling Safer With Its Headgear

BATS-TOIS, a Sports Tech startup, has finally decided to make wrestling safer. The company has officially announced its protective headgear technology for the wrestlers. Mercado is the helmet we are talking about. The company has high hopes that this headgear would be able to change the style and the dangers associated with wrestling for the athletes.

BATS-TOIS Hopes To Make Wrestling Safer With Its Sports Wearable

The Mercado is the idea of a former Division I wrestler Mario R. Mercado, Jr. With the help of biomedical and mechanical engineers and neurologists at NYU and Columbia University, Mercado’s helmet won the first NYU Summer Incubation Program competition in 2012The idea behind the program is to help entrepreneurs and startups gain a foothold. Over the last four years, the product has been tested by the Tandon School of Engineering at NYU and Virginia Tech’s Helmet Ratings Institute.

BATS-TOIS aims to improve the fitness and the health of the athletes with high-end Mercado wrestling helmet. Being the first of its type, the helmet has been under production for almost four years. The headgear is still awaiting a number of patents which will help support the cause. Y-Joint, patent-pending will help the athletes to secure and stabilize their head and chin. HeadGrip is the special fabric which will secure the athletes head and face.  The nonabrasive 8 oz. helmet helps control head temperature through enhanced air circulation and the viscoelastic foam helps them to remain comfortable.

BATS-TOIS Hopes To Make Wrestling Safer With Its Sports Wearable

There is even an MY-FIT 2-tier cable strapping system, again awaiting the patent verification. The system will help to cradle the back of the head of the athletes while providing them support the same time. It also has a quick-release mechanism. Mercado also has ear guards built into the helmet which will provide comfort and air circulation. They will reduce the moisture which builds up in the ear and makes them pop.

Concussions have been the biggest concern for athletes from a long time. With the advent of the wearable tech, this burden has been eased off. However, wrestling is the only sport which didn’t receive any attention with this regard. According to BATS-TOI’s website, there is a market of 102 million wrestlers worldwide and there are “two million concussions each year.”

BATS-TOIS Hopes To Make Wrestling Safer With Its Sports Wearable

Mercado is currently awaiting approval from renowned names in the wrestling world. The helmet is currently complaint to The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) regulations. Their helmet was introduced at the 2016 Division 1 Wrestling Championships in New York City in March.

The Mercado will launch on November 15th and will only be available on BATS-TOIS official website. The Mercado will retail for $150 and will be available in five different designs. The company does not guarantee a sure protection from the injuries at the time being. The headgear may be costly but it is the only available yet. However, if the wrestlers are able to reap the benefits out of it, then it is surely going to be a big hit.

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