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Basketball Wearables Help fight COVID-19 in Work Environment

Recently, Basketball Wearables have been in use to help fight COVID-19 in a typical Work Environment. As more and more ways to keep safe are being introduced, this step was also taken to ensure safety of employees.

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Already in use in the USA, Germany and Switzerland, these wearables are used to maintain a specific distance between two or more employees. These basketball wearables, more like sensors, were designed by Kinexon. Smaller than a matchbox in size, this sensor emits a warning signal when it comes closer to another similar device. It can be worn easily on the helmet, around their wrists or even attach it on their ID cards.



Another Kinexon’s item called SafeZone is a technology responsible of tracking down people already showing symptoms of COVID-19. Hence, Basketball Wearables help fight COVID-19. Also, it will inform all other people who have been in proximity of the infected person. The company claims that SafeZone uses ultra-wideband tracking technology. It is 10 times more accurate than some tracing tools based on bluetooth or wireless tech.

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Since these wearables were initially designed for basketball players, they are capable of monitoring the players’ heart rate and sweat. They can provide real-time data, compile and analyse for further detail. This data is used by the coach to plan his strategies and fine tune his tactics while the game is in progress. Its a very simple item in look and function. Therefore, they have been adapted in the work environment with much flexibility.


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