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Baseball will change forever with Motus Global wearable

Source: Popsci.com

We have already discussed how health care sector will rule wearable tech market here and it is no surprise that it is coming to baseball.

Source: Popsci.com
Source: Popsci.com

The Motus Global’s recently announced a sleeve which was supposed to save pitcher’s arm, since they suffer from a lot of injuries and it’s also becoming really common these days like Yu Darvish of the Rangers, Joe Nathan of the Tigers, and Hector Olivera of the Dodgers they are down by ulnar collateral ligament UCL injuries.

The device studies the pitcher‘s mechanics, the movement of the arm the pressure on the muscle and the amount of restrain in the movement. This study helps the pitchers in gaining knowledge of their muscles and preventing the injury from happening before it happens.it tells you about the strain on the muscle so you don t overwork or injure it.

This magical device is known as mThrow and is out and on sale for $150.The device is an arm sleeve sensor module that measures your movement, on the elbow a small size rechargeable sensor is placed that calculates all the movements. The sensor is paired to a smart device or phone currently the application is available only in iOS version that means iPhone users get lucky.

Thomas Karakolis an expert on the subject of physical health advised:

“Baseball managers should be figuring out the forces on muscles, tendons, and ligaments for each individual player and guiding them based on that”

So the dream is changed into reality and who knew that we will be able to do that. Mthrow hits the market and was being used by MLB club for their spring trainings and it might get approved for regular seasons any time, besides that 27 other Major League teams are also using it. During the original prototype test which occurred some months ago nine MLB teams had their players wearing it.

Some bad things about this device are that to the early users it will give a concrete feel in the arm according to the reviews. Doubts on its efficiency have been shown but its way early to judge that .The best results can be given with months of statistical data and showing repetition in the actions of movements. The Motus Global is still working on improving the technology and making it better and more comfortable besides that it’s also getting it approved to be used in  a regular season .

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