Backbone: The World’s FIRST Complete Smart Wearable Posture Support!


Posture has been a problem for many. You never know when just a slight change of your position can lead to severe problems like muscle displacements and muscle spasms etc. There are a number of different technologies and wearables that have made their way into the market and still Backbone has managed to sweep away the limelight.

Backbone: The World's FIRST Complete Smart Wearable Posture Support!

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Backbone is strapped over the shoulders with the help of two different straps. The straps are more of a backpack than a proper, solid, mainstream wearable. The wearable monitors the posture and then send all the concerned data to the connected Smartphone app. It aligns and supports your spine and shoulders, gently vibrates whenever you slouch, reminds you when it’s time to take a break and move around, tracks your progress, and more! Backbone trains your body and mind’s posture habits, so you can have your best posture at all times.

Backbone: The World's FIRST Complete Smart Wearable Posture Support!
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Backbone gently reminds you of your bad postures and in the end of the day, you can take a complete look at the different positions you had, all the day long. Use it for a few weeks, and you’ll have better posture without even thinking about it. Apart from that, when you are not moving or are stationary for a long time Backbone will remind you to move.

Backbone: The World's FIRST Complete Smart Wearable Posture Support!
Comparison Of Backbone With The Leading Posture Trackers Available!

The device just doesn’t monitor the posture, it helps you to improve and provide some help to your shoulders too. It helps you support and align your shoulders, which in turn will help you to improve your posture. The device is very slim, so it is up to you if you want to wear it on your shirt or jacket or under it. The wearable would entirely be unnoticed.

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Backbone comes in large, medium and small sizes. With a constant use, the wearable can run up to one week. The device has smashed all the funding goals and has gathered up to $341,336 from the pledged goal of $24,999. With 7 days to go, we can already expect the amount of money it is going to collect. The device is expected to ship in October for early birds.