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AxSys – Elite Performance Tracking at a Consumer Price


We met them at TWS, 17 (The Wearable Show) and their device had a lot to offer, which is mentioned below in this article.

AxSys helps you in reaching the ultimate potential. They intend to do so by firstly assisting you more effectively, analyzing your performance and training you with the tools which would be helpful in comparing your performance with the best athletes in your chosen sport.

The AxSys GPS unit wirelessly pairs with your AxSys App on Android or iOS. Once downloaded, you are guided through simple steps to upload your data to personal Virtual Coaching site. One analyzed, you will receive an instant report outlining how to perform during your game or training. All outputs are customisable allowing you to fine tune your reporting as your performance progresses. Your AxSys VPT ranks all your performances allowing you to compare yourself with team mates or the best players around the world. You can also review, update and analyze your personal data anywhere, anytime with access to your information via any PC or your own AxSys App.

Using the new AxSys SLR Gauge, you will immediately know if you have trained in the ‘Sweet Spot’ to maximize your progress. The AxSys SLR algorithm will evaluate both your acute and chronic training results to determine if you are at risk of either under training or over training. Your AxSys VPT will also determine your training outputs over time and make suggestions if it deems you are not training specifically enough.

As a part of the AxSys SLR system, a new ‘risk profile’ has been developed which reviews your historical training and detects any potential training load or intensity issues which may indicate a potential future injury risk. AxSys has developed a smart ranking feature which allows you to compare your performance against team mates and professional player performances. AxSys cloud provides instant feedback to user enabling them to view graphical or tabular results. Also, AxSys mobile application transfers data to cloud server.