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Axon Sports – A Leader In Cognitive Player Training for NFL

Axon Sports - A Leader In Cognitive Player Training for NFL

Axon Sports - A Leader In Cognitive Player Training for NFL

There are dozens of companies working to create a product that can help improve the performance of elite NFL players. On the other hand, there are many athlete training companies working hard to train athletes better than ever. One of the many examples is Axon Sports.

Axon is active in preparing athletes by solidifying the mental strength of athletes, the same way they want to improve their physical performance. It provides expert feedback and repetition than the other companies available.

Axon in partnership with GlaxoSmithKline and well-known investment firm Mark Cuban have defined all a new type of technology called “Athletic Brain”. The traits used to analyze this criterion include emotional regulation, high speed decision making, visualization, spatial reasoning, reaction and focus.

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By measuring the above mentioned statistics, Axon can design an assessment protocol that will be able to evaluate a player’s (from high school on up) ability to make in-game decisions. If Athletic Brain materializes, the potential of the skill development, training and examining of NFL players will increase by tenfold. A sport that encourages timely thinking, fine instincts will beneficial a lot from it.

The plus point of using Cognitive Technology to train NFL players is that it keeps them away from stress and anxieties. In certain condition, severe stress can also lead to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. Chronic Trauma is one of the leading problem for all the NFL players, right now.

Currently, Axon is designing different special analytics programs. The program links the cognitive performance of athletes to physical metrics. In order to benefit from it, users will have to use the Axon iPad app or visit an Axon performance facility and login to a specific system that will insert their preferred sport and their position. This will take them to different situations which will gauge their abilities concerned with their game skills.

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Most of the professional football players and athletes have warmly accepted this technology. The success of this amazing venture has opened many new doors. Axon’s sports programs are currently helping both baseball and college football players. It has been revealed that more than one million training repetitions for NFL players have been logged in, till now.


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