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From Automotive to Humans: MAT to focus on wearables health data

From Automotive to Humans; MAT to focus on wearables health data

Science has been experimenting the technologies for humans on their animal counterparts to perfect them and low the chances of risks and life jeopardies that come along. However, this time around a technology is being experimented on automotive components along with human subjects to be fit for the future.

McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT) are pulling out their proficiency of tools and tech to monitor the capabilities of automotive components paired with the human subjects having heart-rate monitors and accelerometers.

During the first and the preliminary step, the purpose would be to find out the importance and the effectiveness of certain exercise and workout methods that are used to control obesity and bring calories. Moreover, the data would be fed to the sources in appropriate time to get a feedback.

Duncan Bradley, MAT head of high-performance design and engineering, while describing the unique, one-in-a kind technology stated;

“We are not just telling someone how many calories they used in a day. We can look at the data to see how effective it was that a patient swam at 2pm on Tuesday. Such useful information is set in context and is effective in changing people’s behaviour.”

MAT plans on using different stratagem and approaches, to overcome the diseases being caused, in the coming years;

“We have developed fantastic insights into physiological signs and we are working on technology that could monitor the progress of a disease or look for markers that show how a medication is working. This goes beyond simply measuring heart rates – we are after technology that provides more in-depth measurements.

In the future, people and patients will be empowered by wearable technology. Healthcare will be one of the big areas to benefit, but there will also be knock-on effects in the areas of sport, nutrition and relaxation.”

MAT, apart from its up and coming initiative, is currently helping UK Olympic athletes get trained for the same purpose.

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