Thursday, April 25, 2024

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Australian Women National Cricket Team Makes Use of Apple Watches During Practice Sessions

Last Monday Apple itself highlighted this fact in order to emphasize on how useful Apple Watch can be for health and fitness purposes.

With the help of an unnamed application, Australian Women National Team monitors activity of each player including their sleep, heart rates, moods and load of training. According to Apple, the coaches have access to all this information, and they can adjust their coaching methods according to the information available to them and study it closely on their iPads.

This unnamed application is developed by Australian Institute of Sports. The purpose of this app is not only confined to cricket as it can be used by athletes of other sports as well.Apple Watch burned the wrist

Apple focused hugely on the medicinal abilities of Apple Watch in it’s marketing campaign as it carries some state of then art health features related to heart and cardiovascular system. It regularly detects any irregularities in heartbeats and notifies the user if it encounters any uneven rhythms in it. This prevents chance of developing any fatal and life threatening condition by diagnosing it in its earliest stages.

Apple Watch and a lot of other health and fitness wearables like it have made a considerable progress in health and fitness sector as they are now partnering with insurance companies and a number of other business which happen to have any interest in health and fitness market.  Because of their precise and accurate monitoring of user’s health, their activity throughout the day like walking and running, their blood pressure, their sleeping patterns and heart beat tracking etc. Healthy and physically fit people save a lot of money and resources for everyone and a fitness wearable costing a few hundred dollars can prevent anyone from spending thousands of dollars later in expenses related to health, like surgery and treatments for a variety of medical conditions.

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