Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Australian Startup for Sports Called Jetson Industries Is Transforming Sports Tracking

Jetson Industries incorporated online games and electronic sensors with athletic sports to gather information about the movements and deliver more useful insights to the coaches, fans and specially the players.

Australian tech startup with focus mainly on sports is putting an effort towards revolutionising the way we consume sports. They are pursuing the idea of incorporating chipsets and sensors in the equipment that would deliver metrics about every possible thing that could be tracked. This would not only help the athletes in training better and getting to know their strengths and weaknesses with a closer insight, but it will also allow the fans to enjoy the game with more information and statistics at their disposal.

Instead of reinventing the cricket ball or taking on the big companies that already manufacture the sports equipment, this startup is more focused on joining hands with them.

“We have our specialist skills in the software and electronics space, but obviously these guys are specialists in making sports equipment … we’ve said we’ll do our bit, you do your bit, and together we’ll end up with a great product that solves the problems that are in sport,” Ben Tattersfield stated in an interview. “These really big companies are good at producing sports equipment but running and maintaining software and apps isn’t their thing.” Ben Tattersfield is the founder of Jetson Industries

“The moment the ball is bowled the data gets to the cloud, we work it out, and when the results are available, AppSync can basically pass it out to anyone that needs it,” Tattersfield added “The idea would be — if you’re in a stadium watching a cricket game, that data as it’s available for the broadcaster, it’s also available for you on the phone or on the sideline. It makes for a really light, affordable architecture — but quick. The good thing about us having the cloud computing for the algorithms is that a large number of our algorithms are machine learning-based as well, so we have both physics and machine learning when it comes to the application, It’s really just a matter of finding the problem or finding something that people are going to be interested in and then delivering that via the existing framework we have”

“Even the sound off the bat — we needed to make sure that all of those things were the exact same so that as a player, nothing’s changed and the data is actually of use to the player. That was a critical thing,” he explained further

This idea, like any other idea, looked completely different in its raw state. But as the time progressed and one thing lead to another, something that was meant to be for golf balls completely transformed itself to be something for Kookaburras.


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