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Atlas wearable review by an award winning fitness trainer

Atlas Wearable App

Atlas wearable is one of the few sports wearable devices designed for heavy lifting and various exercises in gyms. We are please to share a review of Atlas wearable by an award winning fitness trainer, Daniel Hammaecher. This is what he thinks about the product:


To begin with, Atlas wearable is not an tracker activity. It’s a design for fitness, HIIT, cross fit, bodybuilding! What ever your level is, you can make your own workout or parameter before your training or choose  one of the pre-registered training. Whatever exercise you do during the training, the Atlas wearable count your rep, your rest time and your heart time!

Data and feedback from wearable:

Atlas Wearable App

After your workout, you can read your feedback. Along with basic information like how long you trained, your average, maximum heart rate and calories burned, it also calculates what muscles were you working out and the % of the focus on that particular muscle.

Plus points:

  • real feedback on your training and information to analyse.
  • very easy to use and to setup.
  • real “motivator” to make you become always better, because you have a point of comparison!

Negative points:

  • The Atlas wearable misses out some exercises if it does not recognize it. (Atlas works on update regularly new exercise)
  • The count of repetitions metric is not useful when you work in slow-motion or when u make a heavy rep and push it to the limit slowly.

Final verdict:

  • Atlas wearable is dedicated for people who make weightlifting and strong sports.
  • Its a real electronic partner who motivates you to make you become better on every training and score than the last.
  • Atlas also work on a mode where it learns by itself which makes it really interesting.
Ali Yaqoob
Passionate about transforming data into science!

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